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Episode 012 Business Lines of Credit with Kyle Rome (Scroll for Video below)


What happens when you don’t qualify for financing? There’s still another option for you!

Kyle Rome shares the benefits of having a credit partner and how this is different from a co-signer. One difference, for example, is that your credit partner’s credit profile will not be impacted!

A few highlights from this interview include:

- What happens when you don’t get approved for a loan? Are there other options for you?

- What is a credit partner? - How can a credit partner uniquely help you get the funding you need?!

- Kyle explains the difference between a co-signer and a credit partner.

- What are some benefits of being a credit partner for someone else?

Watch the show here!


Kyle Rome is a Senior Funding Consultant at Pathway Financial. He is passionate about helping business owners get funding needed for their businesses.

He’s an expert with leveraging a credit partner to raise capital that you can use for any purpose without having to pledge any sort of personal or business collateral.

The programs at Pathway Financial can have you funded within 7-10 business days with no income verification, and best of all, there are absolutely no up-front fees!

Impactful Quotes

  • “It’s like investing in a way but being able to use your credit.” - Kyle Rome

  • “With the business line credit program, we can utilize either a member of the business or someone in your personal network to still get you financing. Nothing reports on their personal credit and it’s very low risk!” - Kyle Rome

  • “A co-signer and credit partner is not the same. - Kyle Rome

Take Action!

  1. See the services Bill and his team offer at Pathway Financial.

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