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010 How to Repair Your Credit with Ryan Sittig (Scroll for Video below)


Does the thought of getting a business loan make you cringe? Have the big banks turned

you down because of your credit profile?

Ryan is a Funding Consultant at Pathway Financial and, in this episode, he walks you through getting approved for a loan, no matter your credit. He shares how his job is to help repair your credit and get the capital you need for your business.

A few highlights from this interview include:

- Watch out! Ryan shares examples of things on your credit that can disqualify you for a business loan.

- How Pathway Financial will never turn you away because they can help repair your credit.

- What are the different programs available to get you approved?

Watch the show here!


Ryan Sittig is the Senior Financial Consultant at Pathway Financial and has been with the company for almost five years. Some of the things that he offers to his clients are a variety of funding solutions. For example: unsecured business lines of credit, unsecured personal lines, personal installment loans, real estate investor and education programs, cash flow financing, and so much more.

Ryan is known for sitting down with his clients and pulling from a variety of solutions to get them approved for the loan they need. No one is ever turned down at Pathway Financial!

Impactful Quotes

  • “We want to get creative in how we work with people.” - Ryan Sittig

  • “With us, our goal is to make sure we take someone who doesn't qualify today and get them funding one way or another by going through those different steps.” - Ryan Sittig

  • “Everytime someone takes a look at your credit, it’s going to put an inquiry on your report. When someone has too many inquiries, it is a little bit higher of a risk to the lender. So, we do have a program where we can get some of the inquiries taken off.” - Ryan Sittig

Take Action!

  1. See the services Bill and his team offer at Pathway Financial.

  2. Email Bill and his team to see what they can do for you!

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