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Episode 004: Taking that Leap to Start your Own Business with Lukasz Maj (Scroll for VIDEO below)


Are you passionate about starting your own business, but not sure how to finance it?

Lukasz Maj of TGM Builders shares his story of how he took a leap of faith and went from working a 9 to 5 job, to opening his own business by using the capital he obtained from Pathway Financial.

There are funding options available for you too!

A few highlights from this interview include:

- Lukasz shares how he had the courage to leave his 9-5 job and start his own business.

- How getting a personal loan can be difficult and even discouraging as a new, small business owner.

- Lukasz was once a cell phone salesman, and thanks to Bill Jennings at Pathway Financial, he was able to make his dream of owning his own business come true!

- How there are funding options available for start up companies, if you know the right people.


Lukasz has been self employed for 5 years now and has a background in construction and sales. He has been in the real estate and construction business since he left his last “job” 5 years ago. He specializes in full gut renovation projects for his own real estates investment portfolio, as well as for his clients (homeowners & investors).

Impactful Quotes

  • “It’s always worth it to hire someone or go through a company that can take care of the funding process for you. Time is money.” - Lukasz Maj

  • “A lot of what people are scared of is - taking a risk. The main reason is the lack of funds and capital.” - Lukasz Maj

  • “It’s hard going into the bank and getting $100,000 with a brand new company!” - Lukasz Maj

Watch the show here!

Take Action!

  1. See the services Bill and his team offer at Pathway Financial.

  2. Email Bill and his team to see what they can do for you!

  3. Catch up with Bill on Twitter.

  4. Find Pathway Financial on Facebook.

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