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Episode 002: Property Investments and Quick Access to Capital with Dan Clarton (Scroll for VIDEO bel


Want to be a real estate investor but don’t have $100,000 in your pocket? Banks won’t lend you what you need or are making financing difficult?

Dan Clarton, a seasoned real estate investor, shares insights and experiences around getting the capital needed to close deals and achieve success.

A few highlights from this interview include:

- What it looks like to be a real estate investor.

- How important it is for Dan to have capital in his line of work (and for YOU if you are a real estate investor). - What ways do new investors look to get funding? How can it be tough for them?

- Dan shares his experience working with Bill and why he would recommend everyone else going to Bill for help too.

- How to make your offer more attractive to the seller so you ‘win’ great properties.

- Bill explains capital use for investors that are getting properties at wholesale.

Watch our Interview here!


Dan Clarton is the founder and real estate investor of Riverside Hope, LLC. He has been buying homes to fix and sell since 2011.

He resides in Algonquin, IL with his wife of 30 years, Ann. Together, they share three daughters, a son in-law, and grandson.

You can also catch him as a regular guest on Real Estate Live with Andrew Holmes Radio Show and the Investor Empowerment Radio Show Podcast!

Impactful Quotes

  • “Without capital, there’s no reason to leave the house.” - Dan Clarton

  • “It takes money to make money - always.” - Dan Clarton

  • “You always want to have as many lines or buckets to draw from because you never know when the next situation will come up where you have to be ready.” - Dan Clarton

  • “If you just had a stack of cash then you would make your own choices and do things how you want, when you want, that would make life a lot easier.” - Dan Clarton

  • “The other people don’t have the ‘Bill factor’!” - Dan Clarton

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