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Why most businesses fail before they even start...

In today's day and age where information is constantly at our fingertips and legal advice can be found on our smart phones while sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix, starting a business is easier than ever. The amount of small businesses in america has increased by almost 50% since the 1980s, partially because of the ease of entry. There are roughly 28 million small businesses in america, and of that 28 million - 80% report less than $50,000 in annual sales. Think about that for a minute. Less than $50,000. That isn't a business, that's a hobby. However, the most astounding statistic is that roughly 550,000 new businesses start in the U.S. each month, but MORE than that go out of business every month. Throughout time the one thing that has always stayed consistent across every industry, is the number one reason that businesses fail. And that is - lack of capital. Most people that are starting a business, have no money. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Now a days anyone with an internet connection and the ability to put together $100 for the state filing fees, can start a business. But as with anything in life, without preparation and a solid game plan, you are destined to fail.

So why don't more start up companies seek out capital prior to starting? The answer to that question is because they truly don't know where to look. Back in the day, you would walk into your local community bank, sit down with a banker and explain your idea and lay out your business plan. And based on that, the bank may choose to roll the dice and offer you a loan to finance your business. But now a days, most banks outsource their underwriting to large mega banks and they have created an automated nightmare of black and white rules that have completely done away with personal relationships

, and eliminated any type of common sense underwriting. You either qualify, or you don't. And unfortunately for the majority of start up companies, they usually "don't". So instead of walking into a bank, people turn to the internet for a solution. And the internet is filled with unrealistic expectations, misinformation and frequent scams when it comes to lending options. It is very easy for a person to become overwhelmed and give up. Or even worse, fall victim to any number of scams that are out there, and end up in an even worse financial situation than they started.

Whatever stage your business is in, whether it is just an idea being formed in your head, or if you have a dozen employees and multiple locations, you need to consult with a trusted, experienced funding consultant prior to making any decisions regarding business funding. It will save you time and a giant headache when trying to navigate through the complex world of lending. A legitimate, qualified funding consultant will understand the lending options for your particular situation and how to work within the underwriting guidelines to get your file approved as quickly as possible. To find a Funding Consultant in your area, visit, or check with your local Better Business Bureau for top rated companies in your area.

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