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Please Call to Check the Status of your Application 
(read in its entirety)

Occasionally during our funding process, we may need you to call a lender to check on the status of the application.   With most lenders, we are able to track the progress of your application from beginning to end with no issues.  However, sometimes the application will be "pending" for an extended period of time, and it is best for you to call the lender directly to see what the hold up is. 


VERY IMPORTANT  - This is a time sensitive matter, and if you don't call in a short period of time, the application will be cancelled by the lender.  Please let us know the outcome of the call.



When contacting the lender, a lot of times the phone number you are going to be calling is an automated system. So, this may require you to navigate through the prompts to get to the appropriate person.  In most cases, you will want to follow the prompts that allow you to check the status of your application.  Follow the directions it gives you, and then you will either be automatically connected with a live representative, or given an automated status update. 


If you receive an automated application status update -- we have also already heard the automated status, so that is not what we are asking you to do.   What we need you to do is press '0' at that time to try to get a live representative on the phone and check the status with them directly. 


What to say:

When you are connected with a representative, you need to simply let them know that you recently applied for a credit card online, and you would like to check the status of the application. 


They may ask you for a reference number, if you do not have it, or we did not give you one -- just tell them that you don't have it with you and ask if they can look up your application using your social security number. 


Once they locate your application, they will typically lead the conversation and ask you basic questions to verify your identity.  
Beyond typical identity verification questions, here are some questions a lender might ask and some basic answers you can give:
If the lender is asking for you to call them directly, that means your file is in a queue that we cannot talk to them, so if they ask if you applied for this credit card/loan it is important that you tell them "Yes".  They are trying to verify that you authorized this application, not so much that you personally filled out the application. 
Q: Where did you apply?
A:  Online
Q: Are you working with a third party? 
A: No -- since we have authorization from you to apply on your behalf, we are NOT considered a third party, so don't complicate things by trying to explain. Just answer with a simple "No".


Q: What is your email address?

A:  If you are asked for your email address, they are verifying the email address that was put down when we submitted the application with them.  That email address is the internal email address that we set up to monitor your application process.  We gave you that email address as well as an explanation on why we set up an email address, in the very first email we sent you, titled - "Your Application is Complete".  If you aren't sure what the internal email address we set up for you is, please refer back to that email, or ask your Funding Consultant.  

Q: How large of a limit are you looking for?
A:  As much as you can get approved for.


Quick Tips:


  • If you are told the account has been APPROVED, always ask for the amount it was approved for and report that information back to us, so we can update our records. 


  • Sometimes, the banks have trouble verifying certain pieces of your information, such as your address.  If they request documentation from you, ask them what documentation you need to send them.  Then get that information over to us, and we will get the necessary items submitted directly to their underwriting department to expedite the process.

  • If you are told that you are declined, ask them if they know why and if there is anyway that they can take another look at it.  Sometimes, their automated underwriting system will decline you, but once a human being looks at it, they are able to override it.  It is worth a shot. 

Once you have completed your call, please inform your Funding Consultant of the outcome via email or text message. 


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